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Peter Buh


If you have been charged with a crime, whether it is a DUI, misdemeanor, felony DUI or the most serious felony charges, you need an aggressive attorney to fight for your rights. My job is to compile the most effective defense to obtain a not guilty.

I have over 18 years of experience in the criminal field. I was the former Chief of Felony as an Assistant State's Attorney and have the unique qualification as a former Illinois Assistant Attorney General. As an Assistant State's Attorney, I have conducted numerous training to Police Officers and Detectives for DUI Investigation, Sex Offenses, Theft Related Offenses, Violent Crimes and Securities Fraud. To simply state it, I have trained hundreds of officers in the latest techniques. I know how to defend you against the crimes with which you are charged. I have successfully defended clients ranging from DUI to serious felonies, including Aggravated DUI. I was an instructor with the National White Collar Crime Center and have instructed Detectives from Maine to California.

I have tried cases in numerous counties with over one hundred trials to my resume. I have tried misdemeanor DUIs, felony DUIs and numerous other charges including murder. I have the experience to fight for your rights.  Peter Buh is also your Kane County DUI Attorney

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